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The Yes We Can? Board Game

An Entertaining and Educational Parody on Redistribution, Excess Taxes, Saved Jobs, Bailouts, Blame, and Apology

Experience the opposite game play of monopoly and learn how economics and government policies impact every day life!

PROFESSIONALLY Made in the USa since 2010

cards highlight Real government spending programs

$27.95 - Free SHIPPING available

2021 Updated cards included


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Once upon a time, in a country not so far away and a time not so long ago, a political party came to power with promises of hope and change. The crowds chanted "Yes We Can!", "Yes We Can!" with heightened enthusiasm because everything was going to be alright now. That was not to be. The time is now eighteen months later. Chants have changed to "Yes We Can?" The game of redistribution, excess taxes, saved jobs, bailouts, blame, and apology is well underway now and your only goal is to survive its onslaught. Good luck!


The Yes We Can? board game is a parody meant to both entertain and educate. As the country's Founding Fathers look down on the current situation, there are many obstacles you will confront throughout the year (around the board). You will be faced with wealth redistribution days, patriotic tax days, bailout days, and government apology days. To make things worse, you will often help to increase the national debt and to create saved jobs. Unfortunately, these last two are real government spending programs which will enlighten you about 100 of the most outrageous ways your real taxes are being spent.


But don't despair! If you do have a temporary career - temporary because you may lose it soon - you will get paid with IOUs assuming your wages have not been sufficiently reduced by the time you get to pay day. Of course, you can always be fortunate enough to blame someone else for your problems, be ambitious, but not too ambitious, by taking on a part-time job, organize your community, or just take a vacation from hope and change.



Founding Fathers Entertainment is dedicated to raising the awareness of the economic implications of redistribution, excess taxes, bailouts, and wasteful federal spending. In the game, we've included the subthemes of saved jobs because we're unsure what this really means, blame because it's easier to fault someone else, and apology because at some point we must have done something wrong.


We encourage everyone to get involved. The Yes We Can? Game was created as an entertaining way to learn and retain the details of detrimental government policies and to communicate the economic and financial foundations upon which these policies should be corrected. Through humor, more people will become engaged and direct government in a positive direction (at least that's the theory).


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